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Elevator – it is not only the most reliable means of transportation, but more often used: each elevator runs approximately 3000 km per month and performs from 9000 to 12000 start-ups. Like any mechanism, which is in continuous operation, the lift is subject to deterioration, even under ideal maintenance. Company "Real" offers an elevator overhauls and restoration of their performance.

Periodicity of capital repairs: 

The frequency of capital repairs is from 4 to 15 years   depending on the type and year of manufacture   elevator. Given that a resource of some parts of the lift   before the next major repair following regulated for the   elevator as a whole and depends on the intensity and   conditions of use elevators, safety, quality, factory-built,   renovated these parts of the lift must be carried out   regardless of the repair cycle, as needed.

Services Ltd. "REAL" on capital repair:

 Company Ltd. "REAL" offers replacement or repair of all major units of lift equipment:

  • Main drive electric motor;
  • Winch gear or worm gear pair;
  • Braking;
  • Electric panel (the panel) elevator control;
  • Compartment of a cabin;
  • Speed limiter;
  • Door wings shafts and cabins;
  • Spring and counterweight of suspension and cab;
  • Traction;
  • Ropes. 
Specialists of "REAL" are capable of conducting not only the regular maintenance of elevators, but also to perform any complex operation of a capital nature to restore full or close to full resource elevator by replacing or repairing parts and components, functional characteristics of which have deteriorated as a result of long wear, vandalism or force majeure circumstances.