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Construction of lift shaft on a "turnkey" basis

Lift shaft — a space in which moves cab, counterweight, and (or) the balancing device of cab.

Construction of shafts also suggest the choice of a particular  technology, including selection of materials, the desired design.

  Company REAL  provides the following range of works on elevator shafts:

  •  Manufacturing and installation of  frame-and-return wall of the elevator shaft, including glazed; 

  •  Increasing the height of the elevator shaft; 

  •  Changing the geometric dimensions of elevator shafts; 

•  Device pits and stairs in the elevator shaft;

Unit openings in the ceiling under the elevator shaft; 

•  Device grounding tires in the shafts, pits and machine rooms;

•  The device assembly and dismantling of beams;

•  Manufacturing assembly decks (scaffolding) and storied fencing;

•  Plastering and painting door slopes, walls, elevator shafts and machine rooms.