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Dear Sirs,

I appreciate your interest to our company and it's activities.

REAL works  and focuses solely on the lifting equipment since 1995. During our work we have gained tremendous experience, reputation as a reliable contractor and the number of partners in the face of construction companies, individuals and the world's largest manufacturers of elevators. 

Our main goal is to help building owners, designers, operating organizations in the creation and maintenance of material handling equipment, such as: elevators, lifts, escalators and travalators. 

It's not often when I have the opportunity to tell prospective customers about which principles of work I support, what is important and valuable ,the targets on which our efforts and energy are focused. Our friendly and professional team on specific action shows how important it is to be reliable in operation. We understand that the accuracy and timeliness of our actions in many cases depend on human life and your income. We want our customers to know: we are more focused on continuing our relationship with each client, than to generate profits in the short term. We value our reputation, so you can rest assured that we strive for quality and strive to always be helpful in achieving your goals.


I understand how difficult it is to make the right choice of equipment for moving people and goods, especially if you encounter a new type of buildings, or you have to make the choice of equipment for the first time. Often, during designing, you are guided only existing rules or used equipment, which have been exposed, not always possessing the latest innovative inventions of the world's producers and the necessary experience. So I invite you to visit the projects already implemented, to see first hand different types of lifting equipment, and use our expertise for the optimal choice. Take a few hours and you will get invaluable experience - our experts will conduct a tour of the facilities of the type that you are going to build or upgrade, and will show you the good decisions. You will be able to look into the heart of the lifting machines and see what the normal users do not see, hear guest service personnel and building owners. This proposal is unique, as there is nothing better than a personal impression. Business of customers who have spent those few hours, is now thriving.

 I invite you to get a free professional consultation with our designers. We give out technical tasks and the conditions for obtaining permits and building design, and if there is a need - you can order a whole section of the project, which focuses on lifting equipment. REAL provides all kinds of work related to lift equipment. The only thing which we reject, is when a client asks us to create an insecure mechanism. We operate in accordance with all government regulations and standards. Customer relationships built on trust and mutual understanding. We guarantee quality and professional service. We wish you success in carrying out the plans!


Vladimir Mikhailovich Gonchar  

General Director of company «REAL»