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Installation and startup of the equipment

Installation of the elevator — one of the most important parts of work. We carry out installation of passenger and freight elevators, escalators and travalators of any type and configuration.

Installation and commissioning of equipment are performed in full accordance with the requirements of manufacturing plants and the requirements of the Ukrainian current legislation.

Before working we provide a thorough check of compliance with the size and quality of building constructions of the mine and adjacent premises specifications and requirements of the project, agreed upon a combined schedule of construction works. 

Our company is always and under all conditions, provides high quality installation work. If you decipher these concepts, we can say that we provide the comfort, reliability, security, installed elevators, take full responsibility for the clarity of their work - without which it could disrupt entire enterprises or ordinary lives of ordinary people. 

Therefore, we approach very serious to the problem assigned to us, and even with increasing requirements for security, reliability, aesthetics and comfort of vertical transport continues to meet the highest of them.