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Supply of elevators, lifts and escalators

You do not need to spend much time on the choice of equipment, we will provide useful information and demonstrate the benefits of the equipment of various types and manufacturers.

Company «Real» supplies all types lifting equipment, such as:

Elevator — type of transport used for vertical and oblique movements. There are passengers, cargo, small cargo and hospital elevators. 

Travalator — moving step-less adjustable lane to speed up or facilitate the movement of walkers. Still moving walkways called "treadmill", "moving sidewalk"or "passenger conveyor". Travelators are usually equipped with large shopping malls, airports, exhibition complexes. Moving walkways are used as inclined and horizontal. And in an inclined travolator there is a significant plus in front of the escalator - due to lack of steps on the moving walkways are much more convenient and easier to navigate with a baby carriage or a grocery cart.

Escalator — lifting and transport machine in the form of tilted by 30-35 ° to the horizontal ladder with moving steps to move people from one level to another. Escalators are available at subway stations, train stations, major shopping facilities in underground passages.   

The delivery of equipment to each customer an individual approach is applied. Taking into account all your wishes, we find optimal solutions in selecting equipment to meet all needs.  

Established contacts with leading manufacturers allow timely delivery different models and price categories of equipment.